Our student application web portal is the first of its kind in Africa as we continue to empower future African generations

Our goal is to provide prospective African international Students the opportunity to study abroad. Our study destinations include recognized and accredited universities in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Netherland, with plans for France and South Africa.

We offer a wide range of elementary, high school, college and university options to both undergraduate and graduate students and we continue to build strong affiliations with various institutions.

We provide ongoing support throughout the entire application process. With a combined twenty (20) years of experience amongst its staff, MOAF Consulting possess extensive understanding and experience of the market, the language and optimal strategies to meet our client’s goals. We have processed over 2,000 student and visa applications through the years, partnered with over 200 educational institutions with over 5,000 programs and we continue to grow.

MOAF Consulting is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants and also authorized by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council to provide immigration services to Canada bound clients. We provide a thorough eligibility assessment of our client's background and make recommendations for permanent residency into Canada.

Application Portal

Our web-based portal is a one stop-shop for students and visa application advisory. It is a student application portal that effectively connects African students with foreign institutions. The dashboard is specifically built for African students seeking quality schools abroad.

The portal uses a state-of-the-art machine learning algorithm to effectively match students with accredited institutions and programs based on their interest, budget, academic and test scores. Additionally, the web-based platform provides complimentary services including visa processing support, tuition payment assistance, and scholarship information. The portal is also built to support documentation and online payments. It is supported by a user-friendly technology and a dedicated team that provides continuous and exceptional customer service.

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Our Principles


We conduct ourselves ethically in all our actions and decisions. We abide by our professional and ethical guidelines at all times

Transparency and Accountability

We provide our clients with all pertinent information concerning their applications and provide quality educational services


We provide services in areas in which we have proven expertise and provide advisory services taking all opportunities and risks into consideration


We are efficient and effective with our jobs and we make proper use of the diverse team to provide quality results


We value all our clients and treat them with courtesy

MOAF Consulting

Empowering Future Generations