We provide pre-admissions, post-admissions
and on-boarding services

We provide you with professional assistance when it comes to international education placements. Our help is based on what your needs are while considering your financial situation, academic or career goals. With a lot of students applying for limited opportunities in universities abroad, we make sure that you submit a competitive application and give you the best chance of getting accepted.

Choosing the right university

Upon online submission, we assess academic records, extracurricular activities and standardized testing scores to help identify the best academic institution for clients while considering your choice of institution and program as we strive to satisfy all of our clients.

We offer university or college recommendations when necessary to ensure admission into an ideal institution especially in cases where students have strong academic records, budget constraints or complete lack of knowledge on study destinations.

Application process

We waste no time. We process all applications as soon as payment is received to avoid missing deadlines. Information obtained from clients would be used to help with every phase of the application process. We will continue to liaise with our partner institutions and ensure a successful application.

Visa and immigration services

We are able to provide guidance and advice on the visa application process for various countries. For countries that require a visa interview, we offer mock/prep interviews to help prepare for the actual interview. As a licensed immigration firm, we assist in preparations and submissions of study permit applications, visiting visa applications, work permit and permanent residency applications where applicable.

Optional services

Scholarships and discounts

Not only do we offer academic and merit-based scholarships to our students, we also negotiate with partner schools to award need-based scholarship or at least consider a reasonable discount to meet sponsor’s budget.

Confidential personal service

Our Confidential Personal Service is a priority service for clients who would like to bypass our staff and work directly with the Director. All interactions will strictly be between the client(s) and the Director. Clients should also use this service if there is the need to fast track or expedite their applications to meet tight deadlines.

Essay assistance

All students with no exceptions are responsible for writing their own essays, however, we help in reviewing the content of the essay for structure, vocabulary, and spelling check and recommend changes when necessary.

Custodianship & guardianship

Minors entering Canada who are not being accompanied by a parent must be assigned a legal guardian also known as a custodian. We are able to provide the required signed and notarized declaration forms for most provinces.

Other services

As part of our optional services, we offer tuition remittance assistance, accommodation search, pre-departure orientation and flight arrangements. Our on-boarding services include welcoming of students and parents at some airports, assisting students throughout their orientation week and post-arrival follow up.

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